A unique innovative system unique, consisting of a device and a low-pressure trunk injection connector, which allows you to control the amount of dose you control the dosage wish to add.
Since the product is introduced directly without wasting anything, the effects and effectiveness of the treatment multiply, since it is the tree itself that distributes the dose provided through its vascular system.
By choosing this system you are acquiring an easier product, which achieves greater simplicity in all the operations involved in the treatments.
These treatments there is no need to use protective equipment.
You can apply it at any time the day, regardless of weather conditions.
Patentes in more than 50 countries it revolutionaze the area of plant health.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Simple
  • Sustainable
  • Economic
  • Flexible

¿How does Ynject work?

Ynject allows you to inject your contents directly into the vascular system by achieving a more efficient and homogeneous distribution and effectiveness of the product within the tree.

Ynject does not mean changing the preparation and dosing processes, which are the same as if you used a backpack or other traditional device or machine.


¿Why use Ynject?

Ynject is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, achieving the best results with the least number of applications.

This greater effectiveness, together with the ease and convenience of the application, allows for much cheaper treatments in tree and palm trees.

In addition, the application method manages to eliminate the risks and impact on the health of the applicator and citizens. Also it is not harmful to domestic animal, insects and the environment in general.

How is it used?

basic tools:

Drill + Drill for metal

Nylon or rubber hammer


0. Phytosanitary dosage (optional)
1. Practice the holes in the trunk
2. Insert the connectors
3. Connect
4. Withdraw